A video of Egyptian-American academic Dr. Noha Abdel-Karim storming out of Egypt's World Youth Forum went viral on social media earlier this week. 

In the video, Abdel-Karim, who holds a Ph.D. in Engineering and Public Policy, is seen criticizing a moderator hosting a live panel after the latter cut off both Abdel-Karim and another speaker due to time constraints. 

"Because you allowed the first speakers to speak between 15-20 minutes and other people, they're not. It's not our problem actually, it's your problem, bringing 8 people coming from countries not just in Egypt. I was counting, 15-20 minutes for the first 3 presenters and with me, you cut me off after less than 1 minute [sic]," Abdel-Karim said. 

"So that I don't come here to benefit Egypt and the region, only to be cut off after 2 minutes"

When the moderator tried to explain herself, the academic lashed out, saying

"Hold on, hold on, I am coming from America, hold on... I am coming from America here. I am not coming for you to cut me off after 2 minutes. There is a big issue with organization here [sic]."

Abdel-Karim then went on to add that she often moderates panels in the U.S. and times speakers in order to avoid cutting them off during presentations. 

As she walked off the stage, the moderator was heard responding to the academic, saying:

"Let me just tell you something, it's not about the duration, it's about the information... you delivered a message in a very good time."

People divided over the incident

The now-viral video is still making the rounds online, and many are sharing their reactions to it on social media. 

While some said Abdel-Karim had the right to walk off stage after being cut off several times, others thought she blew the incident way out of proportion.  

"I watched a part of the discussion and the moderator was provocatively interrupting guests"

Some hailed Abdel-Karim for taking a stand

"She did the right thing, good on her." 

However, many thought her reaction was "arrogant"

"Her reaction was so arrogant. Who is this woman? She thinks she's American when she's clearly speaking English with an Egyptian accent. It's the worst thing ever when someone forgets their roots"

Abdel Karim gives a statement on the matter

After the incident went viral, Abdel Karim spoke out about it on Egyptian TV show "Al Hayat Al Youm.

In her statement, the academic explained that people misconstrued her words and actions, falsely accusing her of renouncing her Egyptian roots. 

"Many media outlets mistranslated my statements to Arabic and that led to backlash against me," she said. 

"I'd just like people to know that I entered Egypt with my Egyptian passport and was so proud to be a keynote speaker at Egypt's Youth Forum. Its organizers kindly apologized to me after the event and I told them there was no need to apologize," she added. 

Egypt's World Youth Forum is a platform built by youth in an effort to spread messages of peace, prosperity, harmony, and progress to the entire world. 

Hosted by President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, this year's edition kicked off on November 4 and is set to wrap up on November 10.