Earlier this week, a Saudi husband decided to surprise his wife, who works as a school teacher, by sending her a 13,000 ($3,500) riyal gift basket to her workplace. 

According to Saudi news site Akhbaar24, the teacher received her presents while giving a class at a school in the kingdom's Assir governorate.  

Soon after, images of the surprise gift went viral on social media, sending people into a pretty shocking meltdown of the sorts. 

A romantic gesture goes viral and Saudi tweeps can't even...

Some had questions...

"He could've given it to her at home, why do this in front of all other teachers!!"

"He must've done something really bad..."

"Maybe he took a second wife"

The speculations were endless

"Maybe she took out a loan for him and this is his way of thanking her." 

But maybe it's because he actually loves her?

"Maybe he loves her and wants to make her feel special."  

"Love, what do you know about love? You know nothing"

Some people loved the entire idea...

"Loved this... we seem to be advancing."