Lebanese-American former porn star Mia Khalifa takes pride in her Arab heritage, and her recent tweet in celebration of Lebanon's Independence Day is proof of this very fact. 

Khalifa posted a bittersweet message on Twitter in celebration of the national holiday, which falls on Nov. 22. 

"Happy Independence Day to the country I love, but doesn't really love me back," Khalifa tweeted. 

Of course, people on Twitter couldn't just let her statement slide. Instead, they responded with love, hate, humor and heartbreak. 

"They are just playing hard to get"

Mia Khalifa ... why you make such a claim?

Lebanese people started sharing their LOVE

Comparisons to the country's politicians soon followed

"Queen of Lebanon"

Others wanted to put Khalifa's love for the country to the test

"Ya ghalye"

Habibteeeeee inti!

Calls to have "Mia Khalifa for president" came out in full force

In fact, more than one

Others share the same sentiment as Khalifa...

Three words: "A7la 3alam Mia"

This is exactly what happens "when your crush doesn't like you back"

People from other countries began pulling strings with Khalifa

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