On Saturday, a Saudi man who has been studying in the U.S. for the past six years went missing while touring the Niagara Falls in New York City.  

Now identified as Qasem Al Adawi, the man disappeared after leaving his wife and kids behind in the family's car to get a few photographs in the area.

Speaking to Al Arabiya, the missing man's brother, Yahya Al Adawi, said: 

"His wife got worried because he was gone for more than two hours. She looked for him everywhere and then asked people in the area if they had seen him," he said. 

"A few told her that they saw a man falling into the water. According to what they said, the incident took place at around 8 p.m.," he added. 

Al Adawi's wife immediately reported the matter to New York police, who have since launched an investigation into the matter. 

Source: Al Arabiya

Hours after the incident, people started circulating a Snapchat image that allegedly captured the moment Al Adawi fell into the water. However, authorities said the photo isn't clear enough and does not provide solid evidence in the case. 

Saudi Arabia's consulate in New York issued a statement about the incident on Monday explaining they are closely following the case. 

As the search for Al Adawi continues, hundreds are circulating his story on social media, hoping for his safe return. 

"Please spread the word so he can be found"

Everyone's praying for Al Adawi's safe return

Others are circulating images of him to help with the search

Not the first similar tragic incident to be reported in recent months

Earlier this year, another Saudi national identified as Mothker Al Subaie vanished while touring near Uganda's River Nile (White Nile). 

The businessman was unfortunately found dead two days later. Authorities said he died of drowning after slipping into the river while trying to click a selfie. At the time, officials added that the man was touring the Kalagala Falls area in central Uganda with a group of friends when the tragic incident occurred.