Nadiya Hussain
Source: YouTube

Popular British Muslim chef Nadiya Hussain's presence on Twitter is revered by thousands. This isn't only because her talent and lightheartedness shine through the platform, but also because her responses to racist, Islamophobic bigots are always right on point.

Earlier this week, the star spotted a tweet an Islamophobe left under a post advertising the hashtag #VisitMyMosque, which stands for an initiative aimed at inviting people to visit mosques across the UK.

Her response to it? As epic as ever...

It all started when the Muslim Council of Britain tweeted this out last week...

Then this Islamophobe chimed in...

But Hussain was all there for it and had the perfect response

People loved it

Many hailed the celebrity chef's response

"Superb response. This kind of bigotry and ignorance is frankly breathtaking"

"I love this"

Hussain's post lead many to share their own experiences

"I've been in a mosque helping my neighbour go for prayers"

"#VisitMyMosque is meant to enable and enforce love and tolerance"

Well said indeed...