A Saudi charity organization decided that the best way to increase the rate of marriage among women who are over 30 years old in the kingdom is to offer men money. 

According to Akhbaar 24, the controversial move was announced by Tabarjal governorate's Al Berr Charity Organization, who are offering 20,000 Riyals ($ 5,332) to every man who "agrees" to marry a woman who's over 30. 

In his statement on the matter, the head of the charity organization, Abdul Rahman Al Hameed, said the initiative aims to help "encourage men to get married."

News of the charity's campaign went viral on social media late on Sunday, causing quite the stir on Saudi Twitter. 

While a few seemed to be excited over the initiative, completely ignoring the fact that it's insulting to women, others felt it was derogatory, sexist, and unacceptable. 

It all started when news of the initiative went viral online

"To reduce rates of 'spinsterhood,' Al Berr Charity Organization in Tabarjal is launching an initiative that'll see them offer 20,000 Riyals ($ 5,332) to every man who agrees to marry a woman who's over 30 years old." 

While many were all for the bizarre idea

"Mashallah a great idea." 

Others couldn't stand the entire thing

"Whoever came up with this idea is regressed and ignorant. Since when was a woman a commodity that can be sold and bought." 

"I wish you hadn't come up with this"

"It's unacceptable to categorize women based on their personal status or age"

"This is an insult to women"

"So what if a woman never gets married, is she going to die because of that?! This is such a regressed society." 

"The problem is it's an organization that's actually promoting this as an act of charity"

"If you donate the 20,000 Riyals to people in need it'd be better, you regressed human beings." 

"3eib 3alikom"

"This is shameless, creating offers on women who are over 30 years old, what type of stupidity is this? This is such an insult to women." 

"Who's going to accept a man who's marrying them for twenty thousand riyals!!"

"A stupid initiative."