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Hummus fans around the globe, brace yourselves, because the essential dip may soon become too expensive for your own good.

A global shortage of chickpeas has led to an increase in the price of hummus, of which chickpeas is the main ingredient, in the UK, with other markets expected to follow. 

The price of hummus in the UK has gone up by over 30 percent. 

"Demand is strong from every market and currently there isn’t enough supply to go around. This is driven by poor crops in some of the main producing origin nations over the past 12 months," said Tasneem Backhouse, joint managing director at EHL Ingredients, according to HuffPost.

Naturally, people on the internet couldn't help but go into panic mode ... because what is life without hummus?

It all started with Stephen Fry, an English comedian and actor who kept it pretty simple: "NOOOOOO!"

"It is now time to panic"

Over-dramatic commentary soon followed

"I guess I'll have to cut down on non-essentials"

Three words: "Global chickpea crisis"


World War III?

Maybe "they will start invading the Middle East for the hummus next"

Not the first time

In 2017, the UK experienced its first "hummus crisis" after a factory production issue resulted in "metallic-tasting" dip, forcing several supermarket chains to recall the products from their shelves. 

Let's hope chickpeas don't go extinct ... because humanity cannot go on without hummus.