The government-run page 'Israel Speaks Arabic' is present across most social media platforms and is directed solely towards Arabic-speaking nations.

Earlier this month, their Facebook page posted the results of a Twitter poll on Arabs' willingness to visit Israel, claiming that "visiting Israel has become a dream for most Arabs."

The post stated that thousands of Arab tweeps participated in the survey over the course of 24 hours, with 57 percent of the participants voting "Yes" regarding a visit to Israel, while 43 percent choosing to "decline to visit." 

The Facebook post amassed over 2.2k comments, with the criticizing ones receiving the most likes and interactions.

With its 1.4 million followers on Facebook, Israel Speaks Arabic, a controversial social media page run by Israel's Minister of Foreign Affairs, claims to promote "cohesiveness" between Arabs and Israelis everywhere.

Aya Abdel Aziz, a researcher who worked on the probable agenda behind the page, said "it aims to utilize social media to shake Arabs' beliefs. It also places Israel in the victim's position, as if it's a nation striving to spread peace in spite of being subjected to threats from Iran for instance."

The page works on promoting pro-Israel messages through communicating with Arabs in their own dialects, interests, and even sharing a song by Egyptian singer Amr Diab, congratulating him on his latest album, Abdel Aziz stated in her research

Israelis adore Amr Diab

Despite their continuous attempts to lure Arabs to their side, many have commented on this survey with sarcasm and promises of returning to Palestine, as the occupying state doesn't exist.

The people have spoken...

"I can assure you that 99.99 percent of Moroccans disagree on this...''

Some responded with this crucial point

"What's in it for Iraq, or any Arab country for that matter? To deal with the Zionist occupation? Relations with an occupation that exercises killing and destruction can only bring us shame."

"We will go back to Palestine to raise the Palestinian flag"

People promise to visit Palestine after its liberation

"This electronic army has far exceeded the on-ground ones in battles. I'm a proud Iraqi who will feel immensely proud visiting Palestine after its liberation... not this Zionist occupation."

"Long live our beloved Palestine"

"As a free Egyptian, rest assured that 99.9 percent of Egyptians will never attempt to visit. I can also assure you that we will come back one day and raise our triumphant flags."

Some people weren't impressed by their strategy

"Is this all you got? This classic media propaganda will not fool us... to us, there will never be an Israel." 

People were simply not buying it

"Of course, we want to come. Israel is the land of '48 which our grandparents either died defending or were kicked out from. We do want to come back to our land and reclaim our identity. It won't be out of love for Israel, but out of a longing for our possessions which were once stolen."