A fan girl in Saudi Arabia jumped on stage to hug Saudi-Iraqi singer Majid al-Muhandis and then she got arrested.

The singer was performing in the western city of Taif when the woman ran onto the stage, the BBC reported. Local prosecutors moved to detain the woman for her actions and now are considering charging her with harassment.

In viral videos of the incident, Muhandis can be seen performing on stage donned in traditional Arab clothing when a girl in abaya jumps onto the stage and wraps her arms around him. Quickly a security guard rushes to the singer's aid, trying to pull the girl off of the shocked performer. 

However, the girl's tight grip appears to make it somewhat difficult to pull her away from Muhandis. Another girl then runs onto the stage as the clip continues, as well as other security personnel. Finally, the girl is pulled away from the singer as the music keeps playing.

Using the hashtag "girl hugs Majid al-Muhandis", residents of the kingdom were quick to debate the girl's actions. 

Many referred to the incident as simple "fan girling" and joked about her actions. Others were less amused, criticizing her for going against social norms. Some also agreed that her actions could be interpreted as sexual harassment.

Many jumped to the girl's defense

Some suggested anyone would do the same if they had the opportunity

Others saw it as typical "fan girling"

But a lot of people defined it as harassment

Some even said "sexual harassment"

Others pointed to double standards

And some people just couldn't even believe people were talking about it

The incident comes after a photo went viral last month showing two female fans embracing  Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama during a visit to Saudi Arabia. 

A video of the interaction shared online showed the female fans wearing abayas and hijabs and embracing Alama, while posing in a photo with him prior to his concert in Jeddah.

Just like with the more recent incident, the girls' actions went viral and stirred an intense debate on Twitter in the kingdom. As a result, a few Saudi Twitter users made comparisons, also citing several other incidents of viral "fan girling".

And some just wish everyone would stop caring so much about any of this