Another day, another non-Muslim being absolutely baffled by what a shatafa is and what purpose it serves. 

While there are many shatafa posts that will make you LOL, this one wont come even close. 

It all started when Dean Michael Unglert, a previous competitor on the 13th season of American reality show,The Bachelorette, posted a shocking tweet of a restroom in Japan. 

"I love how bathrooms here have this water hose next to the toilet incase you get thirsty while in the restroom," wrote Unglert. 

And sure enough, it wasn't long before hell broke loose on Muslim Twitter. 

Here's what Unglert had to say

The replies were endless and came in thousands, from people laughing hysterically to others who just couldn't deal with the ignorance. Talk about a cultural shock. 

Some people just couldn't deal with it

*Laughs in Muslim*

Just stating facts here

This might be shocking, but...


He's not the only thing that's foreign

"Do you know what a shatafa is?" should be a visa interview question

"It's been centuries"

Have they learned nothing?

Some people were nice to him

Others encouraged the idea

Some thought it's "convenient"

But others just outright told him the truth