Millions upon millions of Arab women often struggle in failed marriages for years. And why? Because divorce continues to be considered a huge taboo in our society. 

Brave women, however, and no matter how few of them, are slowly breaking this barrier by not only choosing to walk away from bad relationships, but also celebrating their separations just like they would celebrate a wedding. 

Though controversial, divorce parties are on the rise in countries across the region including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Mauritania. 

Here's a closer look at the phenomenon through the stories of Arab women who savagely celebrated their divorce: 

1. A Saudi women celebrated a divorce that was 15 years in the making

"At last and after 15 years of her case being 'pending,' with no court giving her her rights, my aunt divorced two months ago and we celebrated." 

2. A Saudi teacher held a divorce bash at a school

In 2015, a Saudi teacher who was thrilled to have finally divorced her husband, hosted a divorce bash at the school where she works and celebrated with all her colleagues. 

3. An Arab divorce party ... spotted on Instagram

"I was watching stories on Instagram and came across a woman who posted about a party she was hosting. The well-planned event caught my attention and then I realized it was a divorce party. She set her husband's pictures and all his belongings on fire!"

4. An invite to one epic Arab divorce party

This divorce party invitation has been making the rounds on Twitter for a few years now. 

In it, a woman named Om Hady proudly invites people to attend a bash held in celebration of her daughter's divorce.

5. A Saudi TV presenter broke the internet with her divorce celebrations

In 2016, Saudi TV host Khadija Al Waael sparked an online frenzy after images and videos captured at a party she held to celebrate her divorce went viral online. 

At the time, the party sparked a heated debate online with thousands tweeting about it via a viral hashtag

6. A Lebanese singer went all out with her divorce party

Lebanese singer Nourhanne didn't go unnoticed on social media after she threw a huge bash in celebration of her divorce from ex-husband Adnan Dirani. 

Videos of the party went viral online after she shared the celebrations with the public via Instagram stories. In them, the singer can be seen holding signs that read "I threw him out" and "he's not of my standard."

7. An Egyptian divorce party that went viral

In 2018, U.S.-based Egyptian Cenderella Nana - now Olivia Hanna celebrated the end of her troubled marriage in the most savage way ever.

At the time, the woman uploaded videos of a huge divorce party she hosted after she parted ways with her husband, captioning her post: 

"My divorce party, thank God. One of the best days of my life." 

In the footage, she is seen wearing a white dress, dancing, and cutting a divorce cake. 

8. An Arab woman's celebratory divorce dance

"My divorce dance." 

9. An unmatched divorce party by a Mauritanian woman

Divorce parties are a tradition in Mauritania and are held to celebrate a new lease on life for separated women.