Since Saudi Arabia is mostly known for its vast deserts, locals had to come up with a bunch of action-packed activities to have fun.

If making use of the sand-filled lands while spending the weekend in full adventure mode is what you're looking for, you'll want to go through this list.

Here are 8 ways to delve into the buzz-fueled deserts of the kingdom:

1. Renting an ATV (Dune Buggy)

Riding around the desert in a dune buggy is a top favorite activity for locals and tourists alike. 

The vastness of it all makes for an incredible drive. ATV rental areas can be easily found, some closer to city limits than others. 

Depending on the type of quad bike, the area that you choose, and definitely your bargaining skills, the prices can range from around SR 100 ($26) - SR 300 ($80) per hour.

2. Jabal Tuwaiq

Also known as the "Edge of the World," Tuwaiq Escarpment is your go-to destination for rock-climbing and hiking.

Located 96 km outside Riyadh toward Sadous, this place is all cliffs and desert. 

A piece of advice: opt for a 4x4 vehicle for transportation. The area is known for its rough terrains and sand pits surrounding the cliffs.

3. Rawdhat Khuraim

Blue Abaya calls Rawdhat Khuraim "the Oasis in the Desert". Also known as "The King's Forest" - it makes for a fresh escape in the otherwise sandy environment. 

To get there, take the Dammam highway from Riyadh toward Rumah District. You should be able to spot it from a fair distance.  

4. Lake Kharrarah National Park

A hidden lake in the middle of the desert, Lake Kharrarah is a place for most weekend activities.

Located just outside Riyadh, it was turned into a national park for all visitors to enjoy, whether for a swim, picnics, or a fun family barbecue.  

5. Red Sand Dunes

The Red Sand Dunes can be found in the Saudi desert in the same area as Lake Kharrarah. 

Locals tend to ride their 4x4 vehicles, with wheels slightly deflated. 

Those who aren't big fans of adrenaline rushes can either rent a dune buggy or hike up to the tops and sandboard down.

6. Mada'in Saleh

Located 22 kilometers to the northeast of Al Ula municipality of Al Madina Al Munawarrah province, lies the archaeological site of Mada'in Saleh (Cities of Saleh).

This historical location was the country's first archaeological site to be deemed part of UNESCO's World Heritage List.

The stone structures that still exist were believed to be used as temples, houses, and tombs at the time of the Nabataean Empire.

7. Desert Camping

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Throw your camping gear in the back of your car and drive out into the Saudi desert to enjoy your weekend.

There, you have the option to pitch up your own tents or rent ones that have already been set up for visitors. 

From bonfires to barbecues, this space also serves as a safe training area for young drivers. 

8. Camel Rides

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What's a visit to Saudi Arabia without a camel ride? This is one of the most common pastimes you can find in the Thumama Desert - about 100 km outside the city of Riyadh's borders.

If you don't want to drive out far for this activity, you can ride camels in the deserts closer to the borders of whichever city you're currently in.