Cairo is a great place to visit, whether for a day or a week or two. The city has a lot to offer for history and art lovers, not to mention, foodies.

But, when you're an Alexandrian and visiting Cairo for the first time in your life, you most probably will be overwhelmed by how big and crowded it is.

1. What's wrong with your sea? There are no waves!

2. What do you mean there is no sea here? How do you live without a sea?

3. The traffic ... Where do all of these cars come from?

You drove to Cairo?! You asked for it!

4. Confusing roads, bridges, drivers …

If you take the wrong road it may take you an hour to get back on the right track.

You could give up on life, abandon your car, and call your mom all at once! 

5. The weather and that hot air that blows in your face when you step inside the subway station

Alexandrian: Take me back to Alexandria now!

6. Ta'meya instead of falafel

7. Leeh keda ya Masr!

8. What do you mean I can't say our Alexandrian "OMG" here?

Alexandrian reaction: A7eeh!! Are you sure I can't say A7eeh?!

9. Oota instead of Tamatim

Alexandrian: Oh I know this one, Magnoona ya oota!