We're almost halfway through Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. 

But that doesn't mean that it's getting any easier. For devout Muslims who choose to fast, Ramadan becomes extra challenging with social media food pages and the long, hot summer days. 

Here are just some of them. We're sure you'll relate! 

1. Crazy eating before dawn

Those few minutes before dawn are crucial for the next day's fast. Only God and you know what goes on during suhoor. 

2. Being angry for no reason at all, really

Having to go through the work day is challenging enough. Doing it hangry is even harder. 

But remember, Ramadan is about discipline, and that means controlling one's impulses.

3. Bad breath

You'll notice that people who choose to fast will keep a distance when talking to you, because halitosis. 

It's what happens when you don't drink or eat for the entire day. 

4. You only wish you could forget that it’s Ramadan and drink water by “accident”

But, NO! Discipline really matters. 

5. Your Facebook feed becomes full of knafeh

...because everyone is sharing iftar recipes. Just look away. Look away fast and unfollow all food pages till after Ramadan. I promise it'll make things easier. 

6. That non-Muslim friend that Snapchats you while drinking water

Of course after sundown! 

7. The countdown to maghreb

... aka when minutes feel like hours. 

8. Finally iftar and the ensuing food coma

... just sit and think about nothing. Your body is readjusting. 

9. Ramadan police

That moment a member, or two, of your family become religiously conscious and bring out their inner preacher.

It may be annoying, but you love them anyway.