Arab women ... we're pretty savage when we want to be and we don't hesitate to just say no, especially when it comes to unwelcome advances. 

While this usually works out in our favor, some Arab men are quite persistent in their attempts to win you over ... even if they don't actually know you personally.

They tend to do so in some of the most creative ways possible ... even if that means involving their sister or mother in the process. 

You've probably been a victim of these 9 'momken net3araf' methods:

1. When his sister/aunt/mother/cousin tells you "bade 3arfek 3ala 3arees" like it's normal

Do you even know me? Or did you just stumble into me on Instagram "by chance"? 

2. When he thinks it's romantic to get your phone number via your license plate

Borderline creepy? No, just creepy. 

3. When his sister is a persistent match-maker ... and decides to send you his photos

Umm, as if seeing his face will change my mind?

4. When he "presents himself" like a powerpoint presentation in hopes of getting you

I present to you a simple: NO

5. When he thinks desperation is a major turn-on

Please la2.

6. When cheesy pickup lines don't rule in his favor, despite his beliefs

3am betna2it la22222.

7. Flirting isn't for everybody, he needs to know that

Laugh or cry?

8. Because YES, he takes it way too far sometimes

Did you really have to ruin falafel for me? Are you that evil?

9. When gory poetry is meant to be romantic ... but really isn't

Because who needs "I Love You" when you've got this. 

10. When you basically find yourself in a shitty situation time and again

When "khara" is the answer to pretty much everything.