Prophet Muhammad (570 - 632) is the central figure of Islam. Muslims around the world believe he is the last of the prophets and the last Messenger of God to mankind. 

The prophet of Islam was born in the city of Mecca, now located in modern-day Saudi Arabia. 

Muslims believe that God has always sent prophets to humanity, preaching monotheism, mercy, compassion, peace, and justice. 

Believers consider that Prophet Muhammad had presented Islam - with its primary text, the Quran and his teachings - in its scriptural form for them to follow and live up to. 

His life continues to inspire millions of Muslims today. 

Here is a glimpse of his teachings regarding mercy and compassion: 

1. Mercy started with creation

2. A mother's mercy is only a glimpse of that of the Divine

3. Since the Divine is merciful, his creatures should show mercy to one another

4. Compassion is the key to success

5. Winning people's hearts is not the hardest of tasks

6. Mercy and compassion should surround all living beings

7. Living green is living the spirit of Islam

8. Never underestimate any good deed