Egypt is the definition of boisterous. 

It's overcrowded, the streets are filled with shops, cars, and not even the sidewalks are for you to use. A walk down any street can turn into an adventurous hike! 

When an official diplomatic visit is due though, life as you know it will change, leaving you uncertain and in distress. 

Here are some of the best and worst things about being in town during a diplomatic visit: 

Pro no. 1: The streets are exceptionally clean

Pro no. 2: You can actually see the sidewalk

Pro no. 3: It doesn't smell as bad

Pro no. 4: It's so quiet outside, you can enjoy a much needed nap

Pro no. 5: It's less likely for crimes and robberies to happen when you have the whole area guarded by police officers

Con no. 1: Limited freedom of movement becomes a major problem

*Conversation at the gate of your building*

Police officer: Where are you going?

Civilian: Home.

PO: Who are you here to see?

C: My house? 

PO: ...

C: ...

PO: Okay, you may enter. 

Con no. 2: Standing on your balcony can become a luxury

Con no. 3: You're less likely to find a bus home if the diplomat is passing through your neighborhood

Con no. 4: Finding a place to park your car is also a major challenge

Con no. 5: Closing down stores and shops on the main roads without any previous notice is also very likely to happen

Good luck finding any restaurant open when you're craving a shawarma wrap.

Con no. 6: With all of that happening, you feel like the diplomat will miss out on a lot