Nine startups. Some brand new, some not so new, but all expected to make waves this coming year. If you haven't heard of them, clearly you're behind on things. But that's alright, we're here to help! 

1. Shezlong


Shezlong is the first online mental health platform in the Middle East and North Africa. You no longer have to ask around for a trusted therapy clinic, and sit in uncomfortable waiting rooms. With Shezlong, you can video chat and message professional therapists you have chosen yourself, from the comfort of your own home. 

2. Rakna

Rakna, Screenshot, website
Download the app! Source: Rakna

This genius app solves all your downtown parking problems! Just leave your car in their designated zone with their valet, and go about your business. When you're ready to head off, summon your car and it will be returned to you at your chosen location. 

3. The League

The Leage, stay tuned
Expect big things from The League, this Ramadan Source: The League

This brand new startup brings fitness, team building, and fun into our academic and work communities. The League is currently only hosting sports events for entrepreneurial teams, (i.e: sports teams made up of startup employees). But fear not! If you are not an entrepreneur, you could still qualify to partake in the up-and-coming sports competitions set up for university students, school students, and corporate workers.

4. Qubix

Qubix takes abandoned shipping containers and transforms them into living and working spaces. Like Lego, shipping containers can be used to build anything, for any purpose, and Qubix plans on doing just that! 

5. In Memory Of

man, woman, elwafeyat
In Memory Of is a platform under Elwafeyat Source: CairSscene

In Memory Of is an online platform that allows family members and friends of the deceased to donate money to a worthy, charitable cause, in their name. It also raises money for medical procedures done by Resala, and The Magdy Yacoub Foundation, among others.

6. Mumm

food, Riham, woman
Riham could be cooking you some delicious food! Order now! Source: Mumm, facebook

Homemade fast-food? Umm, yes please! Mumm allows you to order food from local women, who cook from home, pack it up, and send it on its way to wherever you are!

7. Bosta

Boata, delivery, laptop
Bosta= speedy, affordable delivery Source: Bosta, Facebook

Bosta is a service that connects you to reliable couriers, in order to better deliver your products. Fast, safe, affordable - you can track them on the app to see exactly where your products are at all times. 

8. Clayola

Clayola, plant
Clayola- inspired by the Egyptian 2olla Source: Clayola, facebook

This adorable, handmade clay pot is designed to be pushed into the ground next your plant. Attached to a water source, be it a bucket or water container, the Clayola will seep water into the ground at a regular pace - for an extended period of time. Travel at your leisure and be confident that your plants will still be alive by the time you get back - thanks to Clayola!

9. Six to Nine

six to nine, cinema, outdoors
Finally, an outdoor cinema! Source: six to nine, facebook

This initiative aims to offer a fresh new way to enjoy your day off. Food, drinks, music, and a movie -all outdoors. Six to Nine provides picnic-like days in the sun, and movies in the evening.