When visiting a new country, it's often necessary to arrive with some expectations in mind ... to avoid any ugly surprises. 

Lebanon is the land of shocking events ... and these things aren't usually mentioned in your ordinary travel guide. 

But, worry not. 

These 10 memes will help explain Lebanon to anyone in the world ... better than anything you can find on a dusty shelf. 

1. Driving in the country comes with its own set of rules

Rule #1: Don't ever use lanes. EVER.  

2. You will face a number of challenges, one being the inability to understand Lebanese people

Lebanese people are in a league of their own ... in a good way. 

They will make you second guess everything, their love for their country included.

Truth is, we love to complain, given the mounting problems that exist here. But if anyone else does it? All hell will break loose. 

3. We have a lot of problems ... but there is one in particular you should know about

It's not the infrastructure, it's not the traffic, it's not the Internet. It's Lebanese actress Magui Abu Ghosn. Because #priorities.  

4. Speaking of problems ... internet is #1

Don't expect to download a file in less than 2 minutes. It's gonna take a few hours, AT LEAST. 

5. We have a special type of HD we like to call "Lebanon-Definition"

Or LD for "low-definition". 

6. We strive for a special type of stability

We've got some trust issues, and seek stability wherever we go. But, we know how to put our priorities straight. 

Don't let anything or anyone tell you otherwise.

7. "Straight outta Kahraba" is how we do things

The electricity cuts are a constant struggle. Don't be shocked when the power goes off. 

Leban-ON = Leban-OFF ... Well, most of the time anyway. 

8. "Ma3caroni" is a word we use interchangeably for any type of pasta

If you were told you'll be eating "ma3caroni" ... don't believe that you'll be eating the macaroni you know. 

Always ask for shapes and sizes of the pasta you're being served .... or bear the consequences. 

9. Don't ever try to do anything "bil mekhfe" ... it's impossible

Even if there aren't any cameras around you, be sure that you are being watched.

Eye sight is 2000/2000 in the country. 

10. To sum it all up ... a diagram of "Lebanese Facts"

We do not have patience. We also don't believe in punctuality. Don't say you weren't warned.