Sometimes when certain brands take over the market, we start associating the brand name with the product itself, regardless of the company behind it. 

Arabs have specialized in this ... and these 7 products prove it. 

1. Range = any vehicle that is larger than a car

Source: Wikipedia

Coming from Range Rover ... we've somehow began using the word "range" to describe anything that is larger than a sedan (aka SUV).  

Land Rover, Jeep, Hummer ... whatever it is, it's just "range," OK? 

2. Tupperware = any empty container that can be used to store food

So ... yes, Tupperware is an actual brand, which we sometimes (always) tend to forget. 

You are even guilty of referring to those plastic cheese containers that your mother has washed for reuse as tupperwares. Whatever you call them, just don't forget them at work! 

3. Hoover = a vacuum cleaner

Source: Wikipedia

Yes, Hoover is an actual brand that was first founded in 1908. 

4. Corn Flakes = any type of cereal

There's a word for corn flakes that we just don't like to use. Cereal!! Khalas corn flakes is much easier to use.  

5. Kleenex = any type of tissue

And we'll never let this one go. EVER.  

6. Thermos = any cup shaped container than can keep a drink warm for hours

Pronounced tirrmoss. 

7. Nescafe = any caffeinated beverage

But, what's wrong with just saying coffee?