Arab homes are no-germ zones because our families are basically always on alert. 

From the Arab mom cleaning obsession to everything that's always kept spotless, germs simply stand no chance when faced with Arab hygienic standards.

Here's how they're kept from spreading in our homes:

1. Arab moms are obsessive when it comes to cleaning

No germs stand a chance in a space where an Arab mom lives. 

2. And they're always on alert

Good luck leaving crumbs anywhere.

3. This explains why they're always ready to attack

With the toughest of anti-bacterial sprays. 

4. Arab kids do create a mess but must wipe off their germs

They basically spring-clean after every play session. 

5. Spills are cleaned up right away

6. Germ-filled shoes aren't allowed in the house

7. No dirty dish sits in an Arab sink for more than 5 minutes

We even fight over washing them up. 

8. No greasy hands allowed

Thanks to our moms' no touch policies.