WhileThe Jetsons aired back in the 1960's, the faraway future it represents is starting to look an awful lot like the dynamic emirate...

The more you think about drawing comparisons between the two, the more alike they seem. So, let's take a look at some of the similarities.

1. Which has a better skyline?

Orbit City, the world the Jetsons live in, is known for having skyscrapers around every corner, towering up into the sky, much like Dubai's.

Dubai's skyline is now known as one of the most impressive skylines, with 911 high-rises, including, of course, the tallest tower in the world.

So, no offense to Orbit City, but you're gonna need more than a few spaceship inspired skyscrapers to rival Dubai!

2. Jetpacks for everyone!

So it seems both the Jetsons, and (recently) Dubai firefights are using jetpacks as a form of transportation.

Yup! Dubai has recently started giving water-powered jetpacks and jet skis to firefighters to help them get to accidents faster. 

Sure, they're used for different purposes but they're both really futuristic and cool, right?

3. Drones or flying cars?

Who's to say that in the future flying cars in Dubai wont be a thing - just like in The Jetsons? 

If any country has made the impossible possible, it's the UAE. Just upgrade some drones and you're good to go! 

4. Robotic help

In September 2016, Dubai introduced a robot lifeguard that is maneuvered by a remote control and can provide services faster than a human.

Well, that's what robots aim to do, right? Replace humans?

That's what Rosie, The Jetson's robot maid does, she just adds humor while doing all the housework Jane claims to do.

So, one saves people from drowning and the other provides sass and comic relief...

You decide which one is more important.

5. Moving walkways everywhere

As people get more accustomed to living a futuristic life, they get less used to walking.

Walking is an archaic form of transportation for the Jetsons... and for people living in Dubai. 

6. Girl Hair Trends

I can't decide if Judy Jetson, the teenage daughter, is a trendsetter or just really into vintage, but her white hair is all the rage right now...

Let's set aside the space-time continuum for now and focus on how bleach dyed hair, especially her shade, is very "in" right now, and not just in Dubai. 

7. Malls, malls everywhere

Anyone who's ever been to Dubai knows it's a plethora of malls, but there's really only one that you need to go to, and that's Dubai Mall.

We're guessing that Orbit City's Dubai Mall is the brilliantly named Shopping Centre. That's the mall Jane goes to every day according to the theme song while her kids go to school. 

8. $$$

Jane needs a lot of money for shopping, and anyone who's ever been to Dubai knows that thriftiness is not a way of life! 

Money, money, money.