Arab homes defined: a restaurant, a court room, a museum all in one. But, we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Here are the things that define Arab homes as we know them. 

1. Hidden vintage blanket collection

2. Bakhour wars with the evil spirits

3. This blue water jug in every bathroom

4. Endless supply of these slippers in black or brown

5. Your parents' answer to everything: Inshallah

Source: Tumblr

6. #GrowingUpArab is all about listening to your mom's phone calls

7. Gulping water from these drinking jugs is the definition of "cool"

8. Hand gestures speak a thousand words

9. Authentic gold/silver tea pots

10. It's not a complete "tea party" without these biscuits

11. Deception Level: Arab Jars

12. Cookie sewing kits

13. An inventory of pita bread

Source: Twitter

14. Weird superstitions control your life

15. Hanging solutions to superstitions

16. "Hel" is your hell

17. Commercialized "men wa salwa" that no one eats

Except your mom. 

18. Shatafa or bidet injuries

Especially when the water comes out in full force! 

19. On arguments and rhymes

20. Jars of 'awarma' with frozen white fat

21. Shirt stains? Olive oil soap to the rescue

22. Tupperware fights with your mom

23. And decorative measures taken to another level

24. The "untouched" salon aka exhibit piece

25. Laying the "green stuff" a.k.a. mlokheye out to dry

26. Moments when people actually ask you if you're Arabic

27. "Because I said so"

28. Your mom's irreplaceable homemade remedies

Source: Tumblr

29. Or just "Panadol"

30. Cure for a raging cough: a tablespoon of tahini

31. On choosing the right career path

32. Overly expressive sentiments of love

33. On guilt-tripping your every move

34. Texts from your dad often involve "remotes"

35. Argileh. Need I say more?

36. The many lives of a T-shirt

37. Getting cussed out by your own parents is inevitable