Are you an art lover? Do you love 3D installations? Well, we've got the best event for you! The 3rd Dubai Canvas Festival is coming up, and 25 artists -some of whom took part in the highly successful event last year- will be returning to showcase their talents on City Walk in Jumeirah. 

The artists will be on site between February 22-28 and their completed artwork will be on display from March 1st to the 7th. 

Curious, yet? Here are some of the artists who will be participating. 

1. Odeith

Odeith is a Portuguese 3D artist who, according to his Instagram, has been doing art since the 90's.

He will be returning to the festival.

2. Qi Xinghua

Qi Xinghua describes himself as the "first Chinese 3D artist". This 3D painting was created during his participation in last year's festival.  

He will be returning as well.

3. Ruben Poncia

Another artist who is coming back to the festival is Ruben Poncia.

Poncia is a Dutch artist, who uses acrylics and oils to create strange pieces, like the one above.  

4. Remko Van Schaik

Remko Van Schaik is also Dutch and will also be a returnee.

He used to work only in 2D but now mainly focuses on 3D painting.

5. Truman Adams

Truman Adams mostly works with chalk, but also uses mosaics and murals.

He will be participating in the Dubai festival for the first time. 

6. Vera Bugatti

Vera Bugatti is an Italian artist, and uses materials such as wire and nails to produce paintings.

She also sketches her art first, shares them on her Instagram, then produces 3D replicates. 

7. Nikolaj Arndt

This German artist is very invested in nature and likes to incorporate that into his paintings.

8. Ryszard Paprocki

Ryszard is Poland's most well-known 3D artist, and is noted for creating his paintings in front of large audiences... perfect for Dubai's City Walk!!