When it comes to Palestinian women, there is no shortage of sass, bluntness, or sarcasm. To put it all in one trending internet term, they're the definition of savage. 

Here are eight times Palestinian women blessed the internet with their savage attitude: 

1. Their patriotism remains intact at all times ... especially when turning down guys

Her curving game was so strong even the guy was impressed. 

2. Two can play the online marriage proposal game

Source: Facebook

In 2017, one of feminist vlogger Laila Hzaineh's fans proposed after watching one of her videos. She did not hesitate to put him to the test. 

3. Poking fun at the Israeli military is the ultimate pastime

You can count on Palestinian social media users to call out Israel's hypocrisy time and time again.

4. Clapping back at the halal police never looked so good

*Screenshots tweet for future reference* 

5. This young woman summarized Arab men in one epic tweet

Savage level: 1000000! 

6. Palestinian women would never miss a chance to troll Israelis...

Yes, we are all eager to know how the presentation went, so StepFeed reached out to Hawaa for details but has not heard back from her.

7. Or to set the facts straight

Educating the world one tweet at a time! 

8. Of course, they do it all with an impeccable sense of humor