At just 19, she's fighting on behalf of women in the Arab world and if you're not familiar with the name Laila Hzaineh, you better listen up. 

The Jordanian-Palestinian feminist has been challenging societal norms in the Arab world  -with the power of social media- specifically video. 

As a video blogger, Hzaineh courageously tackles issues women in the region often find hard to face including sexism, harassment and the unspoken truth about domestic violence. 

Her courage and fearlessness has undoubtedly made her a target for online trolls and bullies ... but it has also made her an icon for women.

That's not all though ... her outspoken nature has landed her an online marriage proposal from an avid follower. 

Underneath all that feminist power, Hzaineh is just as funny as she is fearless. 

Her response to the marriage proposal is beyond hilarious. Here's a look at what happened. 

Earlier last week, an avid fan proposed after watching one of her videos. She did not hesitate to put him to the test.

Her response kind of scared him off. He disappeared for more than a week ...

Hopeless romantics were vicariously following the potential love story ...

Some were even making jokes

Others were advising her to be patient because #TrueLoveWaits

After a long, long wait ... she finally got an answer.

"My love story part II: the answer" ...

Except his cat ruined the whole thing ...

"I'm actually starting to like the guy"

Others were anticipating a part III ...

And a part III followed ... except it wasn't what we were expecting. Did they breakup? No it can't be true

*To be continued* ...

Hzaineh won't back down without a fight

Hzaineh has spoken out against virginity tests, sexual harassment and domestic violence in the Arab world through a number of videos on Facebook. 

Her most popular one to date is a response to one man's post in which he suggested that women bring sexual harassment onto themselves through the clothes they wear. 

Hzaineh shot back in a video that ultimately went viral - garnering nearly 100,000 views on the social platform. 

Hzaineh is shedding light on issues women in the Arab world deal with on a daily basis.

Sexual harassment: 

Women across the Arab world deal with an overwhelming amount of harassment.

A poll conducted in 2013 revealed that Egypt is the worst Arab nation for women, considering its high harassment rates.

Over 99 percent of women in Egypt have been victims of harassment in their lifetime - with 96.5 percent being physical, and 95.5 percent being sexual (verbally abusive language). 

Iraq ranked second worst after Egypt, followed by Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen. 

Comoros topped the list - followed by Oman, Kuwait, Jordan and Qatar.

Societal discrimination: 

Virginity tests are still used in Libya, Jordan and Egypt. In fact, earlier in 2016 one member of parliament in Egypt said universities must impose virginity tests on female students prior to admission.

In an interview with Youm7, Elhamy Ageena said the Ministry of Higher Education should impose these tests as an acceptance requirement prior to enrollment for female students in universities.

"Each and every female applicant should present forward an official document that confirms she is a virgin," Ageena said.

Female Genital Mutilation: 

FGM is still pretty common in some parts of the Arab world. 

In 2013, Habiba Al Hinai conducted a survey which revealed that 78 percent of women in Northern part of Oman had been circumcised. 

A student-conducted survey found that 34 percent of women questioned in the UAE have also undergone FGM. 

Egypt recently stepped up the penalty for female genital mutilation, raising the minimum prison sentence from three months to five years.