The internet is a *magical* place full of memes, cats, and unapologetic Taylor Swift fans. 

Among the few guilty pleasures we enjoy most about social media, nothing compares to a good celebrity trolling. 

While some fans tend to stretch a joke WAY too far, others are absolutely hilarious. This list is the perfect pick-me-up, and it will definitely make you LOL. 

1. When Ramy Ayash was trying too hard to be funny

2. Joe Raad and Myriam Klink calling a truce

"When we met we forgot why we were fighting, that's how good hearts are. Myriam Klink has the kindest heart. It's water under the bridge now."

"I think tonight will be the first night I can sleep with a clear conscience assured of the future of Arab art. Finally, the greats have reconciled. The mighty, the giants."  

"It is obvious that Joe is pointing towards Myriam's heart."

3. When Najwa Karam was worried about Lebanon

"What is this that is going on in the country that we cannot understand!!!!?????"

"I'll tell you: what happened is Tkrk Tkdlk Tkum Tak Drrrrrr."

4. When Nawal El Zoghby went to the gym

"Active morning... Good morning." 

"This is how I go to my own wedding, not to the gym."

5. Adam Saleh just had to tweet this

6. Mohamed Henedy doing what Mohamed Henedy does best


"The difference is like Sharm Sheikh vs Kefr Sheikh." 

7. Najwa Karam slaying as usual

"How you look in front of your parents before leaving the house vs how you look when you get to the club."

8. Ahlam and the iPhone X

"I wanted to buy the new iPhone but it has facial recognition. How do I know no one will put my phone facing the moon and unlock it? I think it'll be hard."

"iPhone has been stopped. The device has been successfully burned."