Arab weddings mean one thing: hearing more '3a2beliks' than 'mabrouks'. 

For all the unmarried souls out there, you already know just how real the struggle is. 

People on Twitter know it too, and they have come up with a few different ways to help you overcome it with humor. 

1. Actions speak louder than words, so *loads gun*

2. Come at it with some dark humor

3. Save the comeback for another occasion (hint: funerals)

4. You can never go wrong with rhymes

5. One word: NO

6. Quoting your parents to your parents ...

7. "Is a frying pan to the face a socially acceptable method of accepting a 3a2belik?"

8. Seriously though, 3a2bel "ma t7ello 3anne ba2a"

9. Advice: be blunt

10. *SMILE*