Traffic jams are a common source of anxiety, anger and stress. Fortunately for those of us who live in Arab countries, we have live entertainment to help us through rush hour traffic. 

1. Honesty is a rare commodity

"Be careful! I'm on WhatsApp and BBM."

2. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

"Elie is my name. BMW is my game."

3. Wearing your heart on your sleeves.

"I hate all the girls."

4. Macho much?

"No airbags, we die like real men."

5. When you live in a zoo

"Honk and I will move out of your way. No need to shoot."

6. Just do what exactly?

7. Straight to the point

"Idiot learning  how to drive. Move away from me."

8. Thug life chose him

9. Duaa

"يا فتاح يا عليم ولع في أوبر وكريم"

"God almighty may you burn Uber and Careem."

10. Lebanese people being Lebanese

"3ala sale3te betbale3te" dafuq.

11. We wanna live too

12. Do you even have beliefs if you don't ruin your Porsche to express them?

13. Fairouz FTW

14. Pimp my ride

Camaro, old car, Beirut
Source: Vita Ayoub

15. Wisdom of the day

"Li saba2ouneh wa7ad met w tene ma 5ele2."

"Only two people are ahead of me: one is dead, the other isn't born yet."