Sometimes it seems as if everyone on Earth is watching Game of Thrones, and the Arab world is no exception.

The latest season of the immensely popular HBO series premiered to an audience of 10.1 million, according to Deadline. Of course, it's fair to assume that millions more were finding less-than-legal ways to watch the premiere as well.

While discussing the latest GoT episode has become something akin to discussing the most recent football match for people around the globe, Arabs have taken the obsession a few steps further.

1. For starters, there are the clearly obsessed social media posts

2. The series has even inspired an Arab designer

3. Dubai welcomed the new season with an epic water show

4. There's a pub honoring Arya in Lebanon

It's located in the ancient city of Byblos. 

5. And another one called Castle Black

This one is in the city of Zahleh, located in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley. 

6. Some hilarious suggestions for an Arab GoT cast ...

7. A Syrian Ramadan drama actually copied GoT this year!

8. And Jon Snow was even canonized as a martyr in Beirut

Redefining obsession ...