Young boy in school class
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Going to school in the Arab world might vary from country to country, but some teachers are the same everywhere you go. 

Teachers in the United Arab Emirates hail from various backgrounds and countries.

The government of the UAE heavily invests in quality educators, mainly from the UK, U.S., Ireland, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine.

Here are 8 types of teachers you’ll find if you go to school in the UAE:

1. The teacher with the weird accent

A teacher from the UK will speak English completely different than a teacher from Ireland. Same goes with the Arabic language. The dialect of someone from Egypt - although understandable - will be entirely different than the dialect of someone from Jordan. 

2. The caring teacher

This teacher loves teaching her class like she loves her own children. She will most likely be very embraced by her pupils. She might even call you “habibi," and will go above and beyond her educational duties to make sure you're not falling behind. 

3. The not-so-English teacher

Tenses are all over the place; they mispronounce at least half of the words they know and keep mixing their B’s with their P’s. How did they end up teaching the future generation one of the most important subjects in the world? Well, we will never know.

4. The Islamic teacher

Admit it, you like this teacher for one valid reason: he always looks away when you are cheating on an exam paper because he knows it’s irrelevant for you to know how to calculate your “Zakat” if you had a herd of camels. And apart from that, calculating 2.5% of X amount surely can't be that hard?

5. The veteran teacher

This teacher is ancient, almost antique. He has probably taught you, your older brothers and sisters, cousins, uncles, and parents... Perhaps he even studied with your grandparents! He might be forgetful at times and may bore you with his stories of how life used to be so much better back in the day...

6. The stylish teacher

This teacher just makes learning look so cool. She will dress and speak extraordinarily well and inspire a large group of pupils to become teachers when they grow up.

7. The angry teacher

These type of teachers come in different looks and forms. You get the feeling they wholeheartedly hate humanity and really don't enjoy their respected professions. They won’t let you into the classroom if you are 5 minutes late, won't let you go to the toilet - even in an emergency - and their lessons can't be any more boring.

8. Lastly, our favorite, the teacher who uses the middle finger to point at the board

Hmm, the question is, is it really an accident or are they secretly trying to communicate what they're thinking? Are they aware of the meaning of the middle finger? Should you say something about this awkward, but yet, funny gesture?