The 60s in Lebanon will always be remembered as the country's "golden era." 

Known as a time of prosperity, economic and industrial growth, the decade is one that our parents and grandparents always reminisce about. 

Photos taken at the time can help explain why, and honestly, some of them will just make you want to go back in time. 

1. Is it just us or did Raouche look so much better than it does today?

2. Beirut looking young

3. Baalbek in the 60s

4. And the magnificent Byblos

5. People's fashion game was right on point

6. I mean look at the "trabeesh"

7. Buildings before bullet holes

8. It was a time when the tramway still existed

9. Also a time when we almost sent a rocket to space


10. And a time when international films were shot in Beirut

11. The Lebanese car game in the 60s

12. There were still beautiful green areas everywhere

13. Can we please just all go back?

14. To a time when everything looked like it was so much more fun?

15. And when Raouche looked like this?

Ah, the nostalgia...