Arabs love to add their own spices and "tanwin" to other languages, especially when it's English.

Whether they go too far or stay still with their own adaptations of the language, Arabs will surely impress with their English mastery. 

Here are 8 times we seriously failed in speaking English:

1. Brands have their own Arab names

Do we do it on purpose, is it an honest mistake... we are yet to know. 

2. You mean the dog is barking or valet parking?

It's valet barking indeed, but is it the dog barking or do you just park on the grass? 

With the lack of the letter "p" in the Arabic language, most foreign words will sound hilarious coming from an Arab. 

3. Moving on to things around the house

So accurate we can't even correct these words. 

4. When you think in Arabic and speak in English

Perks of being bilingual... or is it a curse? 

5. Arab names...

When your Arab name has another definition in English. 

Example: Asma becomes Asthma.

6. And food gets lost in translation... or dead

That's deadly appetizing... 

7. When Arabic changes your cooking ingredients

Okay so here's a ghraybeh recipe: flour, salt, butter, icing sugar, almonds, and bikimbawdar.

8. Rice with a dash of herpes, anyone?

Perhaps rice will not be Arabs' favorite side dish after this one...