Twenty missed calls in less than 15 minutes? A minimum of 3 calls a day to check if you've eaten? 

Lebanese mothers are in a league of their own when it comes to being over-protective. 

They have historically tried to live up to the true definition of the word ... and have succeeded time and again.

How many times have you heard these 8 phrases in the last 10 hours?

1. Mtawle?

It's only been an hour since you left the house, and your mother texts you to see where you are. 

Of course, she starts the conversation by asking: "mtawle?" 

Ino ... it's only been one hour. #BadnaNroo2

2. Shu badek tekle?

Because of our mothers' long-standing hate for delivered food ... she will always be sure to ask you what you want to eat. 

She will even go out of her way to cook you a meal that requires an army to prepare aka wara2 3enab and koussa. 

3. Akalte?

Even if she sees you eating ... she will somehow think it necessary to ask you again.

The fact that you're at university, at work ... or even traveling doesn't phase her.

It's literally the first question she asks ... even before "kifik."

4. Shu badek tekle bokra?


5. Waynik?

It's 10 pm on a Friday night when your mom decides to ask you what your plans are for the weekend. You give her a detailed guide.

But then ... Saturday noon arrives and you're halfway through the day when your mom calls/texts you with a bahdale ... asking you where you've been all morning. 

*Mom ... I already told you ana 3al ba7er (like ten times)*

6. Oumi salme 3al 3alam

At the most inconvenient moments ever.

7. Ma 3andik em tes2ale 3anna?

If you go 5 hours without speaking to your mom, you will be guilt-tripped into feeling like you're the worst daughter in the world. 

Just send a simple Whatsapp with a heart emoji to spare you and your mom the emotional drama.

8. Hala2 bshuf

This is basically your mother's answer to every single question you ask. 

Just don't wait for a YES, cuz you won't be getting one. It's either inshallah or hala2 bshuf.