The Middle East hasn't exactly been treated kindly by the mainstream Western media, or Hollywood for that matter - and that has led, well, to some misunderstandings and misconceptions about us and the region we call home. 

Here are just some of the struggles all Middle Easterners can relate to: 

1. People have issues locating our homeland on the map

Ever had that friend confusing Palestine with Pakistan? 

My personal favorite is: "Egypt is a nice European/Asian country!" 

Dust off your geography book because that's Turkey you're probably thinking of.

2. The hilarious dilemma of foreigners telling us apart

And them failing every time.

3. The pronunciation of the names of our countries in English is cringe-worthy

I-ran and I-raq? Seriously? 

4. We always have a hard time understanding, let alone explaining what the heck is going on in our region

It just keeps on getting more and more complicated with time. 

5. We just don't get certain jokes

6. And as a people, we are not always thrilled about newfound natural resources

Can we pass?

7. Because despite the negative media stereotypes, we love life, just like everyone else around the world

8. We'll even take you out to dinner or lunch and get the bill ... again, and again

What can I say, we're generous habibi. 

9. And if eating out isn't up your alley, we'll invite you over for dinner. Don't you dare say no!

Because rejecting our food invites can be taken as a serious insult. Seriously. Just. Don't. Do. It. 

10. On another note, we can bargain, so please put our skills to good use!

We don't like paying full price, ever. This meticulous skill is passed down the generations.

11. We'll always OVERGREET you

Hello, hello, hello, kiss, kiss, kiss! 

12. And take our time saying goodbye

Because we don't let go easily. 

13. We can be loud, and embarrassing

14. But, it's only because we're a proud, proud people