As Egyptians, we take great pride in our ancient history. In it, we find inspiration and a sort of solace from all the setbacks we currently suffer from. 

Regardless of all the challenges, and though we may have changed throughout the years, it seems our humor has remained relatively intact.  

Allow us to demonstrate with a dash of modern (digital) humor a-la-ancient Egyptian!  

Yalla etfaddalo. 

1. The Internet reminds us of ancient times

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2. What if ancient Egyptians invented memes?!

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3. Ever wondered why your cat hates it when you say "Here kitty kitty kitty"?!


Deep down, the royalty in her screams: "Show some respect, you plebe!" 

4. Ancient Egyptians were the original hipsters

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5. The grammar police is really 7000 years old

6. Which brings us to Egyptian parenting 101

Our parents haven't changed since then.

7. Who said hieroglyphs were out of style?

Now the whole of humanity uses it, not just us. 

8. Pharaohs saw the water-slides coming

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9. Theory: Cooking gas cylinders date back to ancient Egypt

Source: Veto Gate

They even had their own gas cylinders God, and a temple dedicated to him. His favorite hymn is: "Beeb Beeb Anabeeb!" 

10. Highfiveroglyphics is the original high five, you peasants!

11. And last but never least

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Story of our lives.