When the late king of pop Michael Jackson released "You are not alone," he didn’t know it was going to be the theme song of our lives. 

There are moments we bet most, if not all, Arabs have been through. Moments so embarrassing no-one wants to talk about.

Take a look at what brings Arabs together:

1. Ahmmmm… how about handshakes?

To lean in for a second or third kiss or not to lean? That is a question that has gone through the mind of almost every Arab. 

Because ending up kissing our own cousin on the lips isn't something we want to do... 

2. Friday prayer sermon

Why is it that our parents give us that look that says we're going to hell every time the sheikh begins his Friday sermon? We'll never know. 

3. Because I said so…

Our mothers have built-in responses to almost every question. From “No problem habibi/ti” to “I’ve changed my mind," they more often than not leave us confused. Very, very confused. 

If you’re going out with your friends and your mom initially says, “No problem habibi/ti, just don't be late,” be sure that as soon as you step out the door she will probably say:  

“I’ve changed my mind. First make your room, wash the dishes, clean your shower, wash your socks, prepare tomorrow’s dinner, clean the neighbors’ backyard... Then maybe we'll see if you can go out.”

4. Free invitation into your room

Just as you start a call with your friend, your room becomes the family gathering room. 

That’s not awkward, that’s Arab.

5. Family photos during the holidays

Those 75 people; grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, grandchildren, and long-lost cousins are too much for one photo to handle. 

6. Do you really need to know?

Spelling your name wrong by a non-Arab is not as awkward as asking about the meaning of your name. 

Do you know how awkward it is to explain the meaning of Mouza?

7. Awkward Arab loner jokes

When your friend is a forever-alone type of guy/gal, the only joke they have is: "Ramadan is the only month of the year when I have a date every night."

Try not to roll your eyes too hard... 

8. Ana who?

When you’re in a public toilet and someone knocks the door, a typical Arab would ask: “Who is it?” 

And a typical Arab would answer: “Ana..."

Awkwardness level: 1000%

9. Who needs security alarms when you have Arab parents?

For some unknown, unverified reason, Arab parents believe their house is safe as long as their front light is on. 

You know, if a burglar intends to break in, they'll know this house is inhabited and will then proceed to check other ones. 

Not awkward. Not awkward at all. 

10. Family tree... more like family forest

That moment when the teacher asks you to create a family tree for a project and you're suddenly hit with the realization that you're Arab and you might need a whole semester to get it done.