From restaurant reviews and post-holiday detox trends to the most appetizing platters and the softest cookies you can sink your teeth into, many Lebanese have turned their culinary passion into successful food blogs. 

Every year, many drool-worthy blogs make an appearance. Some are a major success and some disappear as quickly as a fresh batch of chocolate fudge brownies. Here’s our selection of the most popular food blogs in Lebanon. 

If you aren’t familiar with these Lebanese food blogs yet, you need to drop whatever you’re doing and check them out now.  

1. Taste of Beirut

Joumana Accad is a recipe developer, food stylist, photographer, and most importantly, the blogger behind Taste of Beirut. Taste of Beirut will immerse you into Lebanon’s cultural cuisine with authentic Lebanese recipes. With recipes as diverse as dried fig jam and cranberry scones, each post is more appetizing than the last.

2. No Garlic No Onions

Anthony Rahayel, the man behind the ultra popular food blog, No Garlic No Onions, knows exactly what he’s doing. Aside from helpful and entertaining reviews to almost all quick-eats and fine dining outlets in town, his blog offers photos that are, well, too convincing. 

3. Beirutista

Back in 2012, Danielle Issa started her blog Beirutista and introduced her dual cultural background to the world. What really gets our attention though, is her love for Lebanon and food, especially Lebanese Mezze. Her photos say it all.

4. Traveling With Thyme

With a name like Traveling with Thyme, you know you’re in for quite a cultural and culinary experience. With an extensive restaurant index that covers more than just those in Lebanon, and posts ranging from lunch and brunch reviews, to an interesting itinerary, Christina gives us the scoop on where to eat and exactly what to order to enjoy ourselves.

5. Beirut Fitness

Quite different than the rest of the blogs on the list, Beirut Fitness is a fitness, food, and lifestyle blog. Christine Maalouf, the fit foodie behind the page, likes to blog about her interest in a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to staying motivated at the gym or juice detoxing the healthy way, Christine’s your woman. You definitely won’t find the recipe for the cheesiest nachos on her blog.

6. Urban Lebanon

A dual-purpose blog, Urban Lebanon invites you to experience everything that happens in Lebanon, from best public practices, to the most exciting weekend adventures, as well as taste their favorite restaurants across the country. If you haven’t followed @BeirutFoodPorn on Instagram yet, do that now, but be prepared to drool.

7. Rou’s Sweet Corner

Roua Wehbe has officially mastered the art of dessert making. One glance at the appetizing shots will have your mouth watering. Make sure you have a glass of milk beside you when you decide to scroll through her posts of red velvet chocolate chip cookies, chocolate hazelnut kisses, and “everything sweet that tingles your taste buds.”

8. Roudy Abboud

Ranked as Zomato’s #6 blog, and fifth top foodie in Beirut, Rudy Abboud invites fans to try the best spots across Lebanon thanks to his genuine straightforward reviews. While he has more expertise in areas like Zalka, Mar Mikhael and Ashrafieh, expect to see mouthwatering pictures and reviews of places all over the country.