We all need a break from our home countries every now and then. And a short or long break from Egypt definitely has its perks.

You realize this most clearly after you decide to travel back for a visit.

Living abroad there are just so many things you don't have to worry about.

1. No frequent family visits

Torturing your kids 101: take them with you to every single family visit. 

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but not every environment is suitable for everyone. Especially when you have to meet the tante who asks every personal question in the book.

2. You don't have to worry about too much shisha ... or is it too little?

No one can escape the cheap hookah (shisha) temptation in Egypt. It’s calling your name at every single local café or even fancier ones. 

So escaping to another country may solve that problem ... until you come back for visit. The smoke will come out of your ears.

3. You'll actually miss Egyptian food and overdose on it during a visit

Give me all the koshari, mulukhiyah, mahashi, foul and taamia sandwiches.

Good thing it’s only a visit! So your stomach won’t suffer for long from these sinful delights. Thank you, teta!

4. Living abroad, you can experience clean air

Where is all that dust coming from! Anywhere outside of Egypt would have better air ... unless you’re living in the GCC. Then you probably have to change your lungs soon since several GCC countries ranked as the most polluted in the world, according to a recent report.

Surprise ... Lebanon didn't make the top 20!

5. If you live abroad in a country where Egyptian culture is loved, you're blessed

Because your non-Egyptian friends will bombard you with catchy, cheesy and famous lines from movies. You may not know most of the references, but you'll reciprocate all the love!

Now, keep on travelling, because returning home makes it all worthwhile!