The ongoing rivalry between AUB and LAU has mystified outsiders for decades. (I'm not joking...decades). Until today I see alumnus of both universities in their 50s and 60s still arguing about which university is better. 

Both seem to be extremely loyal to their alma mater with some exceptions of course. Regardless of which university is better or how different your take is on this rivalry, there are a few similarities between the two.

1. Hamra all day, every day

Both universities are located in Beirut's ultra-hip Hamra neighborhood. With coffee shops and pubs lining up both sides of the street, its no wonder both AUBers and LAUers do so well for themselves. 

Because, hey, when it comes to attaining a serious education, food and fun help tremendously. 

2. Elections are crazy

Just like the rest of the Lebanese population, universities take elections seriously. In AUB, if you enter through Main Gate you get harassed by the people standing there trying to get you to vote. 

Similarly in LAU, if you're not wearing a color that's clearly political, people involved in the electoral process harass you as soon as you walk through lower gate 10.

Additionally, someone from one of your classes almost always tries to persuade you to vote one way or the other. And no, it doesn't actually matter if the two of you had never actually had a conversation before. 

That's real commitment, people

3. LAU's valet service?

Even if you're an LAUer, you tend to make fun of your university's famed valet service - even when said service doesn't really exist.

Wait, I'll explain. 

It all started with a rumor that AUBers quickly capitalized on (maybe because they're jealous, and secretly wish for one too).

But, the truth is LAU doesn't have a valet service. I repeat. The valet you see on the lower gate IS NOT for the university, but for the hair salon, Cherry, right across the street.

So, the jokes need to stop pronto people!

4. Nescafe for days

Both universities have their own unique coffee and snack rituals. In front of AUB's Main Gate there's Abu Naji, where students gather before class to get their much needed dose of caffeine and a quick labne sandwich. 

In LAU, it's Ali's Upper Gate nescafe van and Ka3ket Upper. 

It's all about the caffeine, people! 

5. Sugar overdose ...

Every AUB & LAU student has tried Tonino at least once and we can all agree that it's the best crepe ever. Regardless of the fact that Tonino is located in Bliss Street, LAUers are ready to walk the distance for those little pieces of heaven. 

6. LAU and AUB students both love nightlife

We all club at White, ONE, C U NXT SAT, B018, Grand Factory, Makdessi and Mar Mikhael. 

Because, seriously you gotta let off some steam! 

7. Reunions

No matter where you are in the world when you see a fellow alumnus from either university your heart swells. 

-"I graduated from AUB"

-"Really, I graduated from LAU"

-"Oh wow then we must have common friends or we've probably seen each other around Hamra"

-"You know I applied to AUB but decided LAU was a better fit"

-"Akeed, everyone applies to AUB first because it's better"

The rest of the story is history...