As with every celebration, Eid has a special vibe that's unique to it and there are always things that happen only during that time of year. 

We tried to capture a few of those using a Samsung Galaxy S9, to remind you of what awaits during this year's festivities. 

Here, take a trip down Eid memory lane: 

1. You get eideeya’s

Probably one of the best things to collect during the celebrations. 

2. And loads of gifts

If you’re lucky enough, you might get the latest Samsung Galaxy S9.

3. You stuff yourself with delicious food

Because Arab food is just super delicious. 

4. And famous Arab desserts of course

What's Eid without them? 

5. You capture all those Eid colors on camera, no matter the light conditions

Details and beauty everywhere you look during Eid ... and well lighting is never a problem thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S9's low light capability. 

No video or photo enhancements needed!

6. It's not Eid without some traditional candy

Need we say more? 

7. Kunafa is a must-have

For breakfast, lunch ... and dinner?

8. Homes are decked with Eid lights

What are we talking about, decorations are the prettiest part of it all. 

9. Everyone makes ka3k el 3id

An ever-lasting family tradition. 

10. You always end up gaining weight

Not quite the surprise after all the feasting though. 

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