With celebrations in order around Saudi Arabia, there is no reason for you to miss out on all the amazing things that you can do this Eid. 

We have narrowed down a list of activities to do that make for an ultimate Saudi Eid holiday guide. 

This feast of things will keep you occupied during the holidays.

1. Engross yourself in a bygone era at the Hejaz Railway Museum, Medina

This museum is located within what was once a railway station; in fact, it was the last station on the Hejaz Railway line. 

It contains a lot of artifacts from Medina’s past; one of the most noticeable ones is a bow that is believed to have belonged to a companion of Prophet Mohamed.

2. Watch Saudi Arabia play at the World Cup in Al Masaa Café, Riyadh

Watching legendary football matches at cafés is one of Saudi youth's favorite pastimes... but watching it at Al Masaa Café is a whole different experience. 

Smack in the heart of Riyadh, Al Masaa Café holds the 2014 Guinness World Record for being the largest café in the world

Sip on those mochas as you watch the Green Falcons battle it out with the world’s best teams, alongside a sea of football fans.

3. Feel the adrenaline rush at Al Shallal Theme Park, Jeddah

This is currently the best theme park in the kingdom, so if you're planning to visit it during Eid, prepare yourself to stand in long queues.

But once you get to sit on its thrilling rides - some of which offer beautiful views of the Red Sea from above - the wait will be worth it. 

4. Go scuba diving at Farasan Islands

Due to the year-round warm temperatures, waters in the country have been blessed with an abundance of coral and underwater life. 

One of the best places to witness this unusual scenery in Saudi Arabia is the Farasan Islands. 

Scuba diving here can get addictive... you might prolong your Eid holidays because of it. 

5. Pay a visit to the only public aquarium in the country - Fakieh Aquarium, Jeddah

Speaking of underwater life, why not visit the state-of-the-art Fakieh Aquarium - which is open to the public - where you can see marine life from the Red Sea and beyond.

The highlight here is the underwater glass tunnel, and the shark and stingray tanks. 

With both educational and entertaining programs, this is definitely the kind of place the whole family will enjoy. If you have spare time on your hands, you can watch the dolphin and sea lion show they hold nearby.

6. Get to know Islam’s holiest sites at the Exhibition of the Two Holy Mosques, Mecca

A lot of pilgrims are making a stop here. Though it has "exhibition" in its title, it actually isn't different from a museum.

The central focus here are the Two Holy Mosques - Al-Masjid al-Haram in Mecca and Al-Masjid an-Nabawi in Medina - and their history. 

There are many artifacts from the two mosques such as an old Kiswa, silver casing of the Black Stone, and a door of the Kaaba.

7. Chill at the corniche, Al Khobar

Jeddah may have an amazing newly-built waterfront at its corniche, but it is Al Khobar’s that makes it to our list with its laid-back vibe. 

Though the weather is on the warmer side these days, the breeze from the Arabian Sea will play its part to cool you down.

8. Wander through the maze-like lanes of Al Diriyah, Riyadh

The UNESCO World Heritage Site is a place that's on many people's bucket list. So what better time to tick an item from that list than during Eid?

Sizeable portions of the ancient city have been restored and they are being presented in their former glory.

9. Take in beautiful vistas of the landscape from Jabal Sawda, Abha

Jabal Sawda is the highest peak in the country and the views from up there are extraordinary. 

Pleasant weather, dramatic mountainscape, and easily accessible by road. Even if you visit this one place on Eid, you can consider your Eid holidays well spent.

10. Explore the out-of-this-world Wahbah Crater

With a road that leads right up to the edge of the crater, those excuses of requiring a 4x4 to visit just won’t do anymore. 

Ideal for a day trip from Jeddah, the volcanic crater is known for its white base that is littered with sodium phosphate crystals.