Any topic related to the LGBTQI+ community is still regarded as taboo in Arab societies, with its representation in the media remaining mostly negative. 

Due to the vast public platform given to celebrities, they find themselves in a challenging position whenever they utter a word. 

Here's a list of Arab celebrities who have made some disappointing comments about homosexuality and the LGBTQI+ community.

1. Adel Karam

Adel Karam's "Hayda Haki" might be one of the most viewed shows in Lebanon, but that does not make his offensive comments and jokes any more acceptable. 

In the example above, Karam mocks Elton John's marriage to David Furnish in specific, and all gay couples with kids in general.

Very smooth and classy, Mr. Karam.

2. Nahwand Serry

Following the controversy of Lebanese band Mashrou’ Leila’s concert in Cairo last September, Egyptian TV presenter Nahwand Serry stressed the importance of shedding light on the homosexuality issue.

She believes communication is the cure to this disease, in a way to save the Egyptian youth from it. 

3. Hicham Haddad

"Lahon W Bas" is a very popular satire Lebanese entertainment show hosted by Hicham Haddad

Despite its success, people are outraged by the constant racist and homophobic jokes made by the host and his team on-air. 

It seems like picking up on the LGBTQI+ community is growing popular on Lebanese TV. 

4. Dima Tahboub

Jordan's MP, Dima Tahboub, is leading a war against the LGBTQI+ community after a legal battle erupted between her and electronic magazine, MyKali - which covers issues of LGBTQI+, sexuality, and gender. 

She sparked online outrage with offensive statements such as "homosexuals are not welcome in Jordan."

5. Maya Diab

When asked "what would you do if your 7-year-old daughter was gay?" Lebanese celebrity, Maya Diab, could've dismissed the question easily and gracefully.

Instead, she answered with “I’d check for the cause and if it’s hormonal and just God’s will, then that’s what it is. But, God spare me from that moment.” 

She still managed to show support for the LGBTQI+ community on-air and even performed in a gay nightclub in Beirut. 

Better late than never, right?

6. Aicha Attia

Tunisian actress Aicha Attia stated in an interview with Tunisia TV that she is against the Shamsassociation that fights for the decriminalization of homosexuality in Tunisia. 

She said “I am against homosexuality and its encouragement. But I am very tolerant.”

After much-expected backlash, the actress then posted that her words were taken out of context and that she is not a homophobe.

7. Haifa Wehbe

Haifa Wehbe has been under severe criticism after she used social media - the most international, public platform - to write "when the faggot speaks" in response to an offensive fan on Twitter. 

Wehbe quickly deleted the tweet... but screenshots are here to stay. 

Are hateful comments acceptable? No, but it doesn't justify the homophobic clap-back. 

8. Ahmed Landolsi

Tunisian actor Ahmed Landolsi appeared on a talk show called “El Hiwar Ettounsi" where he was asked about his views on the LGBTQI+ community. 

He replied saying that homosexuality is a “sickness.” He later added that homosexuality is against Islam and Tunisia’s constitution.