Old advertisements provide insight into the culture and history of a particular place at a specific point in time. 

They represent the balance point between supply and demand while addressing an audience of a specific mentality. 

Until offensive, racist, and sexist ads show up...

Here are 6 vintage ads that demonstrate the great social strides Arabs have made since then.

1. Perfect body

“Dear skinny girl, we found a way to help you reach the perfect body, fast.”

2. Using women to lure customers

“12 of the most beautiful women in the world will be waiting for our esteemed customers on the 22nd of November from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. They will be serving our new chicken nuggets for free.” 😒

3. Promoting automatic cars

“Keep your hands on the wheel. 

Keep your hands on the wheel.

Keep your hands on the wheel.

Keep your hands on the wheel. 

Keep your hands on the wheel.

Keep your hands on the wheel.  

Therefore, driving Volkswagen 1600 Automatic isn't just safer and more comfortable, it’s more *fun* too.”

4. What is wrong with humanity? This. This is what’s wrong with it.

"We're all siblings at Charlotte Beach.

Charlotte Beach welcomes you in Beirut - with its new look - to attend the best parties where drinking, fooling around, and *innocent sexual harassment* will take place under the burning sun. 

Note: Negros, hippies, and pets are not allowed."

It's confusing not to know which part is more infuriating...

5. Aspirin

“Leila the belly dancer is dancing today, but she is tired and exhausted which is boring the audience. 

Leila the belly dancer felt incredible pain and she left the stage shaking, what’s wrong, Leila? Two tablets of Aspirin dissolved in water will get rid of the pain quickly. 

Seven letters: A S P I R I N will take away any pain. Leila goes back to the stage all healed and dances skillfully. 

The audience is pleased and in awe. Successful men and women know the effect of Aspirin.”

Is this an ad or a page from a sexist comic book?

6. Using suicide as advertisement material. How about no?

“My dear daughter Leila,

It pains me that you considered taking your own life after graduating from university and gaining considerable knowledge and exposure. It pains me that you considered suicide because someone told you your hairstyle doesn’t suit your face.

Daughter... I advise you to go to one of the excellent salons. Like the Attia Salon for men and women on the 26th July street “Fouad Sabika” facing the restaurants. You will find there someone who’ll find the most suitable hairstyle for you.”

How did this qualify to be a good idea? 

7. Bonus: Egyptian Yoda drinking Egyptian tea

Egyptian ad, yoda, egyptian tea, vintage ad, Sheikh Shreib tea
Source: Pinterest

“Good taste... Deluxe quality.”