Lebanese pop singer Haifa Wehbe has been under fire for a homophobic tweet she sent out to a Twitter user on Tuesday where she wrote: "When a faggot speaks."

The user, who many are saying insulted the singer, has since deleted his Twitter account. Nevertheless, people are coming to his defense, criticizing the singer's attitude towards the LGBTQ community in the Arab world. 

"You just disappointed and lost all your LGBTQ fans and ruined that poor guy's life. I hope you're happy now," Twitter user Creole Clay wrote in the aftermath of the incident. 

Following the backlash, Wehbe deleted the tweet. However, to her luck, many had already taken screenshots of the conversation.  

People responded with the hashtag #HaifaWehbeIsOverParty ... expressing disappointment in the singer's attitude towards the LGBTQ community

And if Haifa Wehbe thought she could get away with it, thank God for screenshots

Is hate speech the way to clap back at an insult? Answer: NO

Some began calling on the Twitter community to unfollow the singer

Asking for more kindness and less name-calling

"Shame on you"

Calling her out for being a "homophobe"

Pointing out that it's the gay community that made her a star

Some said they are going to resort to Maya Diab from now on

Because she's pretty vocal about her support

Of course, many used this moment to show the "real queens of the Arab gay community"

In 2012, Haifa Wehbe spoke up against discrimination, saying she loves all her fans regardless of their sexual orientation