Before the overflooding trend of "must-have brands" of beauty products and clothing invaded Amman, getting dressed was much simpler and labels barely mattered.

Our lives revolved around the simplest clothes, jewelry, and beauty products. Back in the late '90s/early '00s, to Jordanian girls, makeup meant flavored lip-gloss and candy-scented perfume.

Let's take a walk down memory lane and rediscover what Jordan used to be like 20 years ago:

1. Butterfly clips

Source: Claire's

If little Jordanian girls didn’t have their hair tied up in ponytails, they definitely had it clipped up with these clips. 

Every girl had them and it was always a choice between hair ties and these colorful butterfly clips.

2. Livestrong wristbands

Source: Complex

This is one of the things everyone had or wanted to own. It was the must-have accessory to complete your look or add to your empty wrist. It was the exact definition of "iconic."

3. Lip Smacker

This handy-sized lip-balm and lip-gloss were all there was of trendy back in the 90s. All Jordanian girls had one or more in their bags. 

And the best part was their unconventional flavors which included Coca-Cola, Fanta, watermelon, and much more. 

4. Juicy Couture sweats

Source: Thai Tip

If we were to own any brand at all, it was compulsory for it to be Juicy Couture. It was everywhere and most Ammani girls owned a pair of these sweatpants with its matching jacket. 

5. Victoria’s Secret Body Mist

Source: BeautiQlo

For some reason, smelling like candy or something sweet was a huge trend at the time... so VS Spray was the go-to product. 

This is what girls used before owning proper perfumes and they even came in different scents, ranging from vanilla and honeysuckle to citrus.

6. Accessorize and Claire’s

These two shops were accessories heaven! 

From trendy jewelry pieces, purses, hair ties, and clips, to best friend bracelets... everything girly and hip was to be found there. They were also the best option for budget-friendly birthday gifts. 

7. Uggs

Source: Polyvore

When winter came and you couldn’t wear your casual shoes, Uggs came to the rescue. No matter what season, Uggs would be worn and most girls around Amman had to have more than one pair to be matched with all outfits.