There are various indirect ways to show appreciation and affection aside from up-front 'I love yous'. And we, Arabs, happen to have lots of them.

Since most Arab gatherings and outings basically revolve around the table, here is just a fraction of the way Arabs say ''I love you'' through food. 

1. Becoming food partners

We take food very seriously. So, if you become someone's food partner, it means that you've got something really special going. 

The odds double if you guys are natural foodies.

2. Buying you food

Someone who makes sure your tummy is always happy is definitely someone who prioritizes you. 


3. Offering the last bite

They say that little things count the most. And if the willingness to give up the last bite doesn't show sheer love, we don't know what does.

4. Getting extra dipping sauce without you asking

Whether it was toumiyeh, hummus, tahini, or spicy mayo, this person knows you very, very well.

5. Cooking for you

While this one might be a universal act of love and appreciation, it doesn't make it any less special to us. 

We always appreciate a good cook. 

6. Being compared to shawarma

Comparison to shawarma is the Arab equivalent of ''Love you to the moon and back.'' 

Not that we worship shawarma, no. 

7. When you throw random BBQs

At any moment, you will look at each other and know that it's BBQ time.