Lebanese Twitter user and hijabi Salsa Ald posted a photo of herself donning loose grey pants with a black cardigan and heels ... and unexpectedly got trolled because of it. 


Contrary to what you may think, it wasn't her fashion choices that grabbed one man's attention. Rather, it was the less-than-a-centimeter ankle exposure that did.

"Trousers below the ankle sis," he writes in a tweet before going on to send an uncalled-for lecture. 

"The current state of the Muslim woman's hijab is so sad. The hijab is not a fashion accessory," the man starts off his message. 

He is a self-proclaimed member of the notorious halal police, to say the least, who believes he has the right to tell women, and hijabis in particular, what they can and cannot wear. 

Of course, the 18-year-old hijabi was shocked upon receiving the comment. 

"When I saw the comment my initial response was 'you’ve got to be kidding me' ... like I’m dressed so modestly in that picture, yet he had the nerve to zoom in on my ankles just to have something to complain about," she tells StepFeed.

But ... "you can't see [her skin] unless you zoom"

Women hit back soon after

The tweet soon began making the rounds online, amassing over 600 re-tweets and more than 1,200 likes. 

Subsequently, the 18-year-old changed her Twitter handle from @wiiife to just her name because she was "getting fed up with the old one," she tells StepFeed. 

Naturally, many women came to the tweep's defense - hitting back at the man who thought it is his so-called duty to police this woman's clothing.

Some are just simply fed up

Others are lost for words...

He lowered his gaze alright ... down to the ankles

"Mind your own business"

Valid questions were raised

Patience levels be like...

Three words: done, done, done

On a better note ...

And then ... the troll was trolled!