Being the traditional country we all know it for, Saudi Arabia tends to remain attached to its culture.

Despite all the modern advancement it's currently going through, many shaabi areas still exist in and all around the country.

Here are 8 shaabi places and sites to discover and explore in Saudi Arabia:

1. Souq Al Alawi (Jeddah)

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Located in the heart of Jeddah (Al Balad), Souq Al Alawi is your traditional market in every sense of the word. 

Walking around, you're quick to notice it is notorious for having genuine Arabian jewelry, traditional Saudi dresses, Islamic art, and spices - of all kinds and colors.

Regular visitors recommend bargaining with the sellers as much as possible to get the best prices.

2. Tabuk Castle (Tabuk)

For a historical field trip, Tabuk is a must-visit city in Saudi Arabia.

From scenery you'd think contributed in the Jurassic Park movies, to an ancient structure dating back to 1559 lying on the Levant-Medina Haj Road. 

Tabuk Castle - now-turned museum - has had its structure renovated in the 1950s and then fully restored in the 1990s. 

It's made out of two floors; on the first are the outdoor patio, some rooms, a mosque, and a water well, while the second floor holds even more rooms and a second open planned mosque.

3. Fish Market (Jeddah)

On the Corniche Road near Al Baghdadiyah District, is a Fish Market where seafood lovers and worried hosting mothers can find as many kinds of fish as they need. 

The best time to buy your goods would probably be between 5 and 9 AM - to guarantee fresh fish out of the sea. 

Just in case you get tempted into fishing your own lunch, there are plenty of shops selling fishing equipment align at the entrance of the market.

4. Souq Al Jamal (Riyadh)

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About 30 kilometers outside of Riyadh is one of the largest camel markets in the Arabian Peninsula.

If you're interested in some action, you can participate in bids to buy a camel, and if you're not, you'll get the same excitement by looking at other people doing so.

Part of the Bedouin tradition is to race camels on desert tracks as spectators either watch while driving their four-wheel vehicles alongside them or simply observe from the sidelines.

Definitely not your casual camel ride. 

5. Al Gahdi Rose Factory (Taif)

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Compared to other Saudi cities, Taif forms the weirdest of contradictions; it lacks the heat and absence of greenery which most cities in the Kingdom suffer from. 

On Al Salamah Street, you'll find a 120-year-old rose factory to complement the rare conditions of this city. 

Al Gahdi Rose Factory produces rose scents and rose water which are used for cooking, drinks, aromas, and much more.

Taif is popular for its scent of roses and flowers surroundings in the city. 

6. Jabal Al Nour (Mecca)

Jabal Al Nour (The Mountain of Enlightenment) is one of the most significant religious landmarks in the Kingdom. 

Its Cave of Hira is said to be where Prophet Mohammad was visited by angel Gabriel and the Qur’an was first revealed.

7. Hejaz Railway Station (Tabuk, Medina, Madain Saleh)

The Hejaz railway was built in the early 1900s, mainly to fortify control and power over the furthest parts of the empire during the Ottoman times

It was also used to transport pilgrims to and from the two Holy Shrines of the Kingdom, Mecca, and Medina, but never quite reached Mecca. 

With now a museum, some workshops, and a handicrafts center, you can enjoy a full weekend plan.

8. Souk Al-Haraj (Riyadh)

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Not far beyond Al Deerah, Haraj District holds a large stretch of land solely dedicated to a flea and second-hand market, the Haraj market.

Malls and chain-stores usually have a fixed, sky-high price. Enter Haraj market and you'll find well-priced products, where hunting for goods is fun and economical.  

Bargain, Bargain, Bargain… Yes, the prices are low already, but the exciting part of this trip is to get whatever you're buying for even cheaper