This year, Egypt mourned some incredibly talented public figures whose works are forever engraved in the hearts of the nation and beyond. 

Here is a list of celebrities that have set their footprint on the silver screen as well as timeless TV series:

1. Shadia - November 28 (88 years old)

Shadia was a renowned actress and singer, a true Egyptian icon. Her versatile talent enabled her to shine brightly in different genres and was credited for 71 movies and TV series. 

Shadia was mostly known for her roles in Laila min Omri (1955), Al Zoga 13 (1962), and Aghla min Hayati (1966)

2. Amr Samir - July 5 (33 years old)

amr samir,
Source: Linkedin

Samir was a young TV presenter, actor, and former host of the youth-centered TV show, 'Shababeek'. 

Samir was found dead in his hotel room having suffered a heart attack. His funeral was held in the Islamic Center in Madrid, Spain. 

3. Mazhar Abou El Naga - May 1 (72 years old)

mazhar abou el naga,
Source: El Cinema

Comedian Mazhar Abou El Naga participated in hit Egyptian classics like Ehna betou' El Autobis (1979) and Al Bahth An Al Mataeb (1975)

Abou El Naga also made appearances in recent successful TV series such as Gabal El Halal, Ras Al Ghoul, and Lahfa.

4. Wagdi Francis - April 12 (80 years old)

wagdi francis,
Source: Ahram Online

Francis was the founder of Egyptian cover band Les Petits Chats, a legendary 60s and 70s rock music group. 

Among the band's former members are George Lukas, actor and singer Ezzat Abu Ouf, Hayssam El Shallah, and renowned composer Omar Khairat.

5. Salah Rashwan - 20 February (67 years old)

salah rashwan,
Source: El Cinema

Rashwan was an integral part of the most popular TV series during the early 2000s. He was credited for more than 70 shows. His last appearance was in the 2015 drama Shatarang

6. Kamal El Alfy - January 29 (71 years old)

kamal el alfy, actor, egyptian,
Source: El Cinema

El Alfy was a skillful actor whose talent was unbound by genres. In the last decade alone, he participated in 25 TV series and one movie, Omar we Salwa (2015).

7. Karima Mokhtar - January 12 (82 years old)

karima mokhtar, actress, egyptian,

Egyptian sweetheart and the mother-like figure was mostly known to the audience as "Mama Karima". Her warm character on screen was unmatched. 

She led a 50-year-long acting career with her most notable work during Al Hafeed (1974), Yarab Walad (1984) and Al Farah (2009)